Permanent Life Insurance Policies And How To Understand Them

Permanent Life Insurance Policies And How To Understand Them

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At first, these kinds of policies are strictly designed for providing coverage for the rest of your entire life.

Also, permanent-life-insurance-policies contain a value of components. These contract deals are giving you reasonable chances to build up your account through parts of your premiums, which go to your account.

Life Insurance Policies

Now we are coming to the famous 702 permanent life insurance policies. Which are, by some funny “experts” designated as retirement accounts. A 702 is permanent life insurance policy, which is solid as any other which is founded by paying higher than usual premiums and that is more than necessary to keep it in force.

These policies are tax-free deals, and from that reason you can borrow policy cash value from it, during retirement. That is whole misunderstanding fuss that came from sellers of 7702s, as a one way toward a tax-free retirement, which is not true at all.

Main difference is that in these policies, loans are not obliged, in general, to be repaid while the holder of policy is still in life, and if policyholder dies somehow, family benefits from the policy. So, retirement policy is somehow different, don’t you think?

If you ask Wohlner, an independent financial adviser, for advice, he would say that taxes aren’t only thing that you should consider when you are planning to apply for retirement saving account but also any option for savings with regards to your complete situation. It is not enough to just aim on potential savings from taxation.


The 702 strategy plans carries many risks with the package. In case you don’t pay back the loan deal, all your investment gains that you borrowed could easily become taxable. These kinds of “afterlife savings” are not so easy to understand. They have many positives aspects when it comes to preparing for all unpredictable situations that life carry, but also cons are quite serious.

For example, if you die while your loan deal is outstanding, lender will make sure that your payments will be repaid from reducing or even eliminating the collected amount your beneficiaries receive, out of policy death benefit for instance. Also, there are other various ways for lender to do this. In some occasions, interest can be charged from any outstanding loan balances. Banks or other lenders, in first place, think about them self. This is business after all, and there is no place for sympathies and mutual understandings. That is why as much as you pay the premium into these policies; it will be eaten up by fees and high commissions provided by banks.
As one song say: “There is no anything pure in this world” – so this should be the slogan that leads you through all possibilities given by institutions such as banks.

Always think twice when you decide something. Specially if you apply for some of their cash loans, saving and retirement accounts, or mortgages loans. If you make few mistakes it can and up eating your plans and destroying your hopes.


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